Circ-Ring international
The fundamental question to ask before Circumcision is what style of Circumcision you want. Should the glans be completely exposed? Or when flaccid should the foreskin partially cover the glans.

Decide amongst four different Circumcision-styles:
When more outer than inner foreskin is removed,
the result is:
When more inner than outer foreskin is removed,
the result is :
When as much foreskin as possible is removed
from the shaft, the result is :
When less foreskin is removed from the shaft, the result is:
From the above styles you can derive the following variations:  
The connection between inner and outer foreskin is about 2 or 3 cm (say 3/4 inch to 1 1/4 inch) or more:
high & tight
The connection lies just behind the glans, in the furrow (sulcus):
low & tight
When flaccid, the connection can give rise to a bulge or cover the glans:
high & loose
The foreskin is only slightly shortened. The connection is not visible:
low & loose